School Of Options is founded by Kundan Kishore who has been on a mission to spread financial education among the common people of India through

To achieve his mission, he started a course named "A Complete Course On Indian Stock Market" in October 2019 where he covered all aspects of investing and trading in India.

He worked harder and till march 2021, 1 Lac+ student enrolled for the course across the country.

But many learners were doing trading in the market and constantly losing money. There were many scenarios when some people lost all of their years of saving by gambling in the market.

He kept trying to teach people not to do trading but no amount of effort worked. Then Kundan discussed with many learners to get an idea of "where people are getting wrong in trading?"

The biggest problem was "Lack of Knowledge" and the second biggest reason was "Behavioural Finance".

He decided to build an efficient teaching methodology that can help people reduce losses and make consistent profits in options trading.

He taught more than 600 students in 6 different batches and tracked their performance in the live market.

By the end of July 2021, 87% of learners were profitably trading into the market.

On 15th August, We launched "School Of Options" to enhance the learning of people as per their knowledge, capital and experience in trading.

In the School of Options, we customize the learning track for every single person based on the application we receive.

School of Options' mission is to create thousands of success stories of options traders.

How to join the School Of Options training program -

1. This is an invitation based training program.

2. You have to apply first where we will ask you a couple of questions based on your experience, knowledge and capital.

3. you can apply here - Apply Now

4. Once we will receive your application, our team including Kundan Kishore will evaluate it.

5. Our team will customize your training program based on the evaluation of your application.

6. The team will get in touch with you.

See ya!